Almost Nobody Can Spot The Hidden Elf In This Picture. Can You?

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Elves are magical creatures who look a lot like tiny little humans. While most of their features are simply scaled down in size, it’s their distinctive pointy ears that make them easily identifiable. Throughout time, history, and literature there have been several different types of elves thought to exist in the world, but these days the most popular and friendly ones are Christmas elves!

Christmas elves are Santa’s little helpers and they are responsible for making all the cool toys and awesome presents that children open on Christmas morning. They all live with jolly old St. Nick up in the North Pole and besides creating toys in Santa’s special workshop, they help take care of his reindeer as well. What sets Christmas elves apart from other elf species is their distinctive clothing choices. They love wearing green or red colored outfits and always have on a matching pointy hat with a jingle bell at the end atop their heads.

Part of why we never catch a glimpse of Christmas elves, save for in movies and when Santa makes special appearances, is because they’re so elusive. They like their privacy and know how to move about the world undetected. However, there have been rare sightings every now and then and that’s how we know they exist.

The picture featured here is illustrative of just how sneaky and clever the little munchkins can be! The drawing contains an elf that’s hidden somewhere in the forest among all of the snow and trees. The mostly green and white winter scene is the perfect camouflage for a Christmas elf to conceal itself in and many people are finding it nearly impossible to spot. Take a look now and see if you can find the sneaky little guy!

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