Apparently This Simple Trick Is The Quickest and Easiest Way To Remove Dog Hair From Your Car

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Whenever you bring your dog in the car you have to be prepared for a mess. Whether it’s slobber all over the windows, scratches on the door, drinks knocked over, or a bladder accident, our pets know how to turn a once clean car upside down! While many of the aforementioned things are preventable or easy to clean up, pet fur is not.

Dog fur sticks to car seats, rugs, and upholstery like a magnet. It’s oftentimes almost impossible to get off, yet when you sit down it magically seems to end up all over your clothes so unbelievably easily! Vacuums and lint rollers can only pick up so much, even the strongest shop vac equipped with special pet hair attachments won’t get it all.

So how does the average human go about thoroughly cleaning up all the dog fur in their car? The answer is surprisingly simple, cheap, easy, and best of all, incredibly effective. All that you need is a pair of rubber gloves! The trick is to get a pair that have ribbed fingers or some sort of grip on them that adds texture and traction. That way when you go to clean up the pet hair it catches and lifts it right up off your car’s upholstery. Once you have the right pair of rubber gloves put them on and wipe up the hair into a pile, then vacuum it up.

To see just how well this method really works check out the accompanying YouTube video from smjanows. He had tried practically everything else before he learned about this trick and once he tested the gloves out, he knew he’d found the answer he’d been searching for.

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