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The Sun Gazing Community was born out of a growing awareness that suffering is an optional state of being. Through our postings, we have sought to encourage all those seeking spiritual progress in their daily journey. Learn more


5 Wrapping Hacks You Need To Know For Christmas

The use of wrapping paper is first documented in ancient China, where paper was invented in 2nd century BC.  In the Southern Song dynasty, monetary gifts were wrapped with paper, forming an envelope known as a chih pao. The wrapped gifts were distributed by the...

She Asks Her Dog Some Questions. His Answers? Brilliant

Czr. is one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen.  He legit understand yes or no questions.  He has learned to nod or shake his head depending on what his human Cathy asks him.  She is actually able to have full conversations with him ask long as the question has a...

13 Dogs and 1 Cat Have a Wonderful Holiday Feast

This video features 13 dogs and 1 hilarious cat who are having a delicious Christmas feast at the dinner table.  To eat, they use their human hands and the results are hysterical.  Can you imagine if this was your family?  I wish I could eat at this table with them. ...