Parrot Throws a Hysterical Fit When He Notices The Turtle In The Mirror

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Parrots and turtles are not really known for being best of friends, but the pair here make the cutest, most dynamic duo around! They enjoy spending time in each others company and even eat their meals together, side by side. You couldn’t ask for a more adorable animal odd couple, it’s like they were made for one another.

Perhaps they are both long, very, very distant relatives of the dinosaur species Kunbarrasaurus which lived in Australia millions of years ago. The recently discovered ankylosaurus, a type of heavily armored plant eater, is believed to have had a parrot-like beak and an inner ear structure which resembled that of a turtle. You never know, there may be more to their natural connection than what meets the eye!

Whatever the case may be, the parrot ended up throwing one of the most hilarious fits one day while they were eating supper together. The bird had apparently caught a glimpse of the turtle in a mirrored surface of a kitchen appliance and was completely shocked and amazed by what he saw. It looks like the mirror image of his turtle friend ruffled his feathers so much that it somehow drove him completely bonkers!

The little bird made quite a racket over what his eyes were seeing. Then he launched into a hysterical, yet totally adorable, fit and began to tweet up a noisy storm. When the parrot started to dart back and forth in front of the mirror, it looks like he was checking the reflection as he moved in and out of view. He would stare intently at the mirrored surface, then turned back around to check the view behind him. We’re basically watching him work through what he was looking at, while he was trying to figure it all out, how cool is that!

Meanwhile, the turtle could care less. He just wants to eat up his yummy assortment of green lettuce, shaved carrots, and other fresh veggies. Who could blame him, he’s clearly hungry, and wants no part of his bird friend’s funny freak out!

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