Are You a Potential Genius? Take The Odd Shape Vision Quiz Below and Find Out.

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Are you a genius among men or do you simply have flashes of genius every now and then?! This visual perception test can easily answer that question for you and tell you how much intelligence you actually possess. Not only is it a fun way to examine your visual prowess, it’s also great for your mind and keeps your brain active, healthy, and engaged.

As for intelligence, by most standards the majority of people are considered to be somewhere around average. They have the basic skills, capabilities, and breadth of knowledge necessary to navigate their way through daily life. Then there are those who are wildly smart, they simply operate on another level and have brilliant minds that are capable of understanding incredibly complex things. They are the geniuses of the world and the knowledge, intellect, wisdom, skills, and abilities they are gifted with are far superior to those that ordinary people possess.

IQ, or intelligence quotient, tests are the gold standard that is used to measure how smart any one person may be. The tests are composed of a bunch of questions and problems that the taker must work through and answer. In the end they are scored using a mathematical formula that yields a numerical score which in turn shows how smart a person is, as compared to other people in the general population who have already been tested by that same method. IQ tests are long and involved, many take well over 20 hours to complete and some parts often must be administered under timed conditions.

Rather than spending hours taking a drawn-out, torturous IQ test, do this short fun quiz instead! It’s a drastically shorter version with an interesting take on the more traditional ones. According to Playbuzz, only geniuses are able to see all of the odd shapes in it. Put your eyes and brain to the test to see if you have what it takes to be called a genius and try it now!

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