Quiz: Only 3% of People Can See The Colors In The Following Patterns. Can You?

g89g989g8g89g89g89image via – playbuzz.com

How well do your eyes and brain perform when it comes to color and pattern recognition? This quiz will tell you exactly how strong your visual abilities and overall eyesight are at distinguishing subtle color differences between various patterns filled with shades of retina-sensitive colors.

The ability to see colors, patterns, and especially contrast, is a major part of our vision. It’s what sets objects and things apart from one another. Without it we’d be much less able to distinguish between things in the world as they’d appear to all blend together. That’s why being able to hone in on complex patterns and minute color differences is essential for accurate eyesight, yet many people do in fact lack these qualities.

This fun and straightforward quiz offers you a chance to test your eyes and brain’s ability to both perceive and recognize different colors. It uses a combination of colorful pictures featuring different types of patterns to check your eyesight. All you have to do is choose which color you think takes up a certain amount, or percentage, of the image. It may sound very easy, but according to the quiz site Playbuzz, a whopping 97% of the people who take this test are unable to see all of the colors in the patterns!

Try it now and see how well you are able to perform on it! Good luck!

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