Quiz: Are You Able To Identify These 19 Countries According To Just Their Outline? Find Out Below.

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There are a total of 195 countries throughout the entire world and if you count Taiwan, which many do not recognize as an official country, that brings the count up to 196. If that number surprises you, it’s normal because many places are tiny or relatively obscure. In fact, the vast majority of people have never even heard of the many countries that exist, they only know of the most popular or largest ones and the places that border the country they live in.

Those who do know basic geography are even limited in their knowledge of country names and locations. Oftentimes people are familiar with the names of places, but they cannot point them out on a map, or vice versa! That’s fine and no one is really expected to actually know everything there is on the topic, but having at least a basic understanding of the world is important to have.

Where do you think you stand in terms of familiarity with the geographical layout of the world and what countries each part of it holds? Maybe you’re above average and know a range of information about the various countries and their capitols, rivers, mountains, coastlines, and all other sorts of geophysical features. Or perhaps you’re not so well-versed in geography and your grasp on how the physical landmasses in the world are divided up is limited at best.

This fun quiz will put your geography IQ to the test by asking you to identify countries based 1only on their outlines. There is no map that shows the relative areas where each one of the nineteen total are situated, rather just the country as it would stand alone is depicted. If you can identify, or even correctly guess at which country’s borders are pictured, then you may turn out to be a geography genius! Take it now to find out how well you score and good luck!

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