Quiz: Can We Figure Out Your Biggest Secret According To What You Notice First?

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We all have secrets and there are certain things that we promise ourselves to never ever reveal to another living soul. It’s inevitable and in our human nature to want to keep our personal secrets private. Sometimes it’s the healthiest thing to do for not only ourselves but also for our friends and family.

When the possibility exists that revealing the truth could end up hurting our loved ones and ruin our close relationships, then it may be in everyone’s best interests to keep it bottled up inside. Even when your motives are well intended, keeping a deep dark secret all to yourself can be an extremely difficult thing to do. There is a lot of uncertainty and sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by what we know or feel inside.

While many of us learn over time how to cope with our deepest secrets, we also tend to repress them and that can be unhealthy. When you completely block it out and shove it deep down into the back of your mind, it may rear up unexpectedly and really mess with your head. When it comes down to it, as much as we hope to forget about our dark secrets, they’ll always be with us.

This quiz will attempt to guess your biggest secret and you don’t have to reveal anything in order to take it. Rather, it uses both your perception and the choices you pick to targeted questions in order to guess what your most private and undisclosed secret may be. Maybe it’s broad and you secretly fear failure or being alone, or perhaps it’s darker than that and you are harboring lies or having an affair. There is an art to these types of quizzes so try it now and see if it’s able to guess what your deepest, darkest secret is.

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