Quiz: Can You Pass The Color Blind Visual Test?

23f2332232332f323image via – http://www.playbuzz.com

There are a number of tests that a prospective airplane pilot must be able to pass before they ever climb into the cockpit. One such baseline test involves hearing and all pilots have to be able to intelligibly hear a normal conversation being spoken behind them at a distance 6 feet away. Another audio-based aspect they need to pass is that they must be completely free and clear of any type of ear condition which could affect their equilibrium, so those with vertigo need not apply.

Then there are the more in-depth mental evaluations that ensure a person is sane and free of any severe personality disorders. After all that, once you pass the hurdles on the way to becoming a pilot, they don’t stop! Commercial pilots must continuously receive physical and mental evaluations every 6 months once they reach age 40 until they retire.

However, the one thing that can immediately make or break a future in aviation is vision. Above all else a person must be able to demonstrate that they have excellent eyesight in order to even be considered, let alone obtain and keep, their pilot’s license. First and second class pilots must have 20/20 distant vision in each eye separately, but third-class pilots can have less sharp vision as they’re allowed 20/40. In addition, pilot eyesight tests are given with or without visual correction aids, like glasses or contacts, so even if someones sight isn’t 20/20 they still have a chance of becoming a pilot!

There are many ways to test overall vision as well as our eye’s ability to focus, adjust, differentiate, contrast, and interpret the sights they’re looking at. This particular quiz uses a variety of pictures, colors, and questions to ascertain exactly how well your eyes work. According to the quiz site Playbuzz only pilots can pass it, so try it now to see if whether or not your vision is as sharp as theirs needs to be. Good luck and roger that!!


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