Quiz: Can You Spot All 4 Hidden Animals In This Picture?

3f3f3f3ff33ff33fimage via – playbuzz.com

This painting shows a bucolic scene of a sandy beach and a quaint old house perched high atop a cliff by the sea. The watercolor painting has been brought to life as the water moves and a steamship cruises past on the horizon. The clouds above are also animated and a tall sail ship can be spotted in the distance. At first glance the vintage looking painting appears to be pretty straight forward, but there is more than meets the eye to this particular image. It’s not just a scenic picture of a beautiful day by the water’s edge and there happen to be several unexpected guests hiding out in it!

There are four hidden animals concealed within the painting and they include the following:

1. Antelope
2. Bat
3. Flamingo
4. Fox

See if you can spot any or all of them right now! According to Playbuzz, the creators of this hidden picture image quiz, only people with the most analytical mindset can quickly and easily pick up on the camouflaged animals. Those who consider themselves to be left-brained and meticulously logical in their approach to challenges and tasks like this will likely have little trouble finding them all. If you are not all that analytical and are less organized or systematic when it comes to figuring things out, then you may find yourself having a bit of trouble spotting the animals.

Regardless of how analytical you may be, hidden puzzle images like the one featured here are great for testing your eyesight and maintaining sharp visual perception abilities. They work to keep your brain-eye-mind connection strong by helping to get all of your synapses fired up and keeping them engaged. Not only are that, they’re also a different type of way to pass the time and offer some good old fashioned fun. Best of all, this G-rated picture challenge is something the whole family can enjoy, so if there’s anyone you need to keep busy or distracted, like young children, challenge them to see if they can find all four of the hidden animals!

When you think that you have found all of the animals, click on the image to reveal where they are hidden and see if you’re analysis is correct. Don’t forget to pass this fun quiz along to your friends and family. Good luck and enjoy!

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