Quiz: Are You An Idealist or a Realist According To This Color Blot Test? Find Out

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In this world there are two main types of people. There are those who see things for exactly what they are, and there are those who see things for what they should be. Which group do you think you fall under? In other words, are you a realist or an idealist!?

The key to answering that very question lies in your perception and how you view the wide world around you. Perception takes place in not only the eyes, but also the mind and brain. When all of your senses interact and come together they enable you to understand and make sense of what it is you are looking at.

Any and everything may end up playing a role in what you perceive, especially colors and shapes. That is one reason why the Rorschach inkblot tests work so well at analyzing peoples reactions and perceptions of different things. The tests were originally developed to interpret our emotions and personality characteristics. As such, they are a strong indicator of an individual’s subconscious thoughts and beliefs.

As it turns out, what we associate different images with can be very revealing as to who we are deep down inside. This quiz uses inkblots to explore how realistic or idealistic of a person you may be. In the end it tells you which one of these outlooks on life best matches your perception, so try it out and see what you get! For more information, included below is an overview of the two aforementioned personality types:

Idealists are the types of people who always seem to be looking on the brighter side of things. They maintain mostly positive thoughts and this makes them seem to be more happy, satisfied, and cheerier than their realist counterparts. Furthermore, an idealist prefers to think that they are in control of their life and destiny. It’s often because of this belief that they always pursue changes for the better and their attitudes tend to be lighter and more care-free.

Realists look at the world around them and take everything in it at face value. They see things for exactly what they are and prefer to think rationally, relying on logic and science to make sense of things. Realists adopt a more balanced, non-biased view when evaluating everything from people to situations and they assign less importance to their emotions or feelings, as compared to realists. Rather, they are much more calculated in determining their thoughts and actions which is what helps them make smart decisions.

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