What Do You Secretly Fear Most According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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Whether or not we like to admit it, at some point in life we all fear something. It’s in our human nature and it’s healthy to have in small doses. What is not healthy are many of the irrational fears we hold, the ones that we blow out of proportion in our minds, which can cripple us when they rear up.

There is just no getting around the feeling of fear. It can be overwhelming as it sinks in and sometimes it’s sickening, even stomach churning. Many of us learn over time how to cope with our deeper set fears but we also tend to repress them as well. By completely blocking them out and shoving them deep into the backs of our minds, we hope to forget about them.

Sometimes we are very successful at repressing our fears, to the point that we may not even recognize them in ourselves. As such, when it comes down to what we fear thee absolute most, we might not be truly aware of what that actually is. Do you know what you are secretly most afraid of? Definitely not because after all it remains a secret!

That’s where your zodiac sign comes in. It can help to uncover, as well as reveal insights about, what your secret deep seated fear may be. The zodiac signs have always been known for their different feelings, emotions, strengths, and weaknesses. These aspects have already been examined in depth for you below in order to determine what it is that most likely causes you to experience fear. Simply scroll down and find your sign to see what you secretly fear the most according to your zodiac!

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