What Type Of Dog Should You Get In 2017 According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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What is the one living creature in this world that will love you more than it loves itself? A dog! Over the course of our lives we’ve all heard the saying time and time again that dogs are ‘man’s best friend.’ There’s a very good reason why that expression is so well-known and often used, it’s the simple truth!

If you are looking into getting a canine companion in 2017 or anytime soon, then you need to find the right kind of dog for your personality and lifestyle. After all, you’re not just getting an adorably cute pet, your getting a loyal best friend who will love you unconditionally for the rest of both your lives. That’s why you need to put some real thought into what dog breeds would suit you the best, rather than going out and getting a cute puppy on a whim.

Even if you’re on the fence and are trying to decide if you should get a dog, think about it like this; there are way more pros than cons to owning one. Any dog lover will readily tell you that their pet makes their life better in all sorts of different ways. They keep us active, moving, more fit, and so they are great for our health. Many dogs are quite protective and will bark either when someone approaches the house or in their opinion seems off. They’ll also go after anyone who means you harm or attacks you and many are more than willing to die in order to protect and defend their owner. After a long hard day they greet you at the door with their tails madly wagging and are just plain happy and super excited to see you. If you’re ever sad or feeling blue, your dog will sense it and try their hardest to cheer you up, make you smile, and feel good again. If you ever need to cuddle, they’ll be right by your side and are always there for you no matter what. These are just a few of the ways in which a loving canine companion can make your life happier, more fulfilling, and complete.

At this point, the only real question you should be asking yourself is what kind of dog should I get?! There are many ways to go about answering this question and here your zodiac sign is used to tell you which type of dog matches your personality the best! Each dog breed has its own unique appearance, special characteristics, and distinct traits, as do each of the twelve different zodiac signs. Thus, the shared personality traits between the two can be matched up in order to determine what type of dog best compliments our zodiac sign and us!

All of the comparing and contrasting has already been done for you below. Simply scroll down, find your sign, and read all about which dog breed you should look into getting this year!

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