Will This Difficult Color Test Stump You? Take The Quiz Below and Find Out.

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You are about to take a “TRICKY COLOR TEST” that requires you to answer each question as quickly as possible.  How quickly and accurately you answer each question, taps on your level of impulsivity; it will show how rapidly your brain can inhibit the wrong choice when presented with choices that are not congruent with each other.

This phenomenon is known as the “Stroop Effect“: when the meaning of a word and it’s color are congruent or the same, it is easy to recognize the actual color of the word; however when the meaning of the word and it’s color are incongruent or different, it creates a CONFLICT FOR THE BRAIN. 

The conflict between the two BRAIN PROCESSES are between “word recognition” and “color recognition”.  For most people the brain processes word recognition before color recognition.  This QUIZ requires you to have the BRAIN STRENGTH to inhibit the wrong choice; how rapidly you can do this, will be reflective of your SELECTIVE ATTENTION ABILITY.  When your results are revealed, you will also be informed of certain personality characteristics and talents that tend to go with your ability to selectively attend to the correct response. Let us know how you do, and whether the analysis presented, resonates with how you see yourself. The quicker you answer each question, the more accurate the analysis of your results will be!

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