More Than 30 Million Humans Took Time Out Of Their Day To Witness This Hippo’s Huge Fart.

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When it comes to humor sometimes going back to the basics can lead to some of the most hilarious content. The fart has been the backbone of comedy for as long as people have been around. I’m not exactly sure why so many people from so many different countries and cultures all share this same comedic love for farts. Farts are just intrinsically and organically funny in almost any and every situation. Whether it’s during a serious meeting, at the dinner table, in class or at the movie theater farts somehow bring joy and happiness to so many while simultaneously smelling absolutely horrible! This brings us to today’s story featuring a hilarious hippo named Harry.

Before we get into today’s hilarious featured video let’s go over some fun facts and information about the glorious hippopotamus:

Hippopotamuses are vegetarians and look like slow gentle giants who love to lounge about in pools of water all day long. How they seem to appear does not match how they actually are in reality. These river horses have become known as Africa’s number one most dangerous animal responsible for more human fatalities than any other beast. On average they kill around 3,000 people annually and oftentimes in gruesome fashion.

One would think that because they are so huge you would see them coming, but this isn’t so. They often spend up to 10 minutes at a time submerged in water before coming up for air. Any small boat that happens to be above when they rise up faces serious danger of capsizing. They are also very unpredictable and will overturn boats for no reason.

Being on land does not make you any safer as male hippos are very territorial and constantly defend areas they deem under their control. Females can also be aggressive if they feel or think their babies are being threatened.

Usually the babies stay in the water while the mother feeds on shore. Anyone who crosses between them at this time is a threat and risks being attacked. This situation also happens to be when people most often die from a hippo attack.

And don’t think you can outrun this large beast. They can reach speeds of over 20mph and considering they weigh in excess of over one or two tons that is fast! For perspective- only the elephant is bigger (and also a lot nicer). Hippos deserve to be feared, I mean they are known to regularly kill crocodiles!

In today’s featured animal video we focus in on a very special Hippo named Harry lives at the zoo and for all intensive purposes is just your average hippo. Harry is a big guy and hippos like him can weigh anywhere from 3,000-10,000 pounds which is truly just massive for almost any creature on planet earth.  Harry had just gotten out of his watering hole and was feeling pretty relaxed. The sun was shining, the earth below his feet was warm, a cool breeze touched the hippo’s chubby cheeks and he was very happy to be alive!

That’s when he may have just gotten a little too relaxed. As people began filing into the zoo, none of them expected the surprise that Harry would soon deliver. He slowly made his way up onto the shore. Harry was just a few feet away from his little pool/watering hole, when he looked around to make sure he had a pretty big and attentive audience and then he let one rip for the record books!

This wasn’t just any old fart either, this was quite possibly the biggest fart I have ever seen or heard and it’s pretty easy to understand why 30 million others have watched the fart heard round the world! The reverberations of the initial blast are still being felt to this very day! Harry is surely a hero and deserves to be crowned the king of internet farts! Remember life doesn’t always have to be so serious it’s always okay to laugh at farts! 🙂

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If You Enjoyed This Hilarious Hippo Video Above – Watch The Video Below Where The Incredible Footage Captures A Giant Hippo Rescuing a Baby Zebra From Drowning:

It never fails to amaze me when different species of animals display the instinct to help each other in a crisis.  Such a moment is captured in this wildlife video of a herd of zebras crossing over to land, while swimming across an African river.  We watch, as a little baby zebra begins to falter when he gets tired and disoriented in the current.

What happens next is truly heartwarming.  None of the other zebras are aware of the little foal’s distress.  As he is floundering, out of nowhere a gigantic, concerned and friendly hippo comes to the rescue.  As the current is pulling the little zebra, the hippo gently nuzzles him toward land.  He stays with the little guy, guiding him in the right direction.

When the baby zebra reaches the shore on his shaky little legs, he gets caught between some giant rocks.  This nurturing hippo stays behind him, still concerned for his welfare, and gently nudges him through the obstacles.

He doesn’t leave the dazed little foal until he is certain that he is steady and headed in the right direction.  This amazing video is set to just the right musical accompaniment, which all the more dramatizes this unusually touching rescue.

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