There Are 8 Types Of People In The World! Which Type Are You?

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Every single person alive has their very own special personality which is unique to them alone. All of our quirks and characteristics form a major part of who we are as individuals and they set us apart from everyone else.

While we’re all different in one way or another, all of the countless personalities that exist out there in the world can be boiled down into essentially eight main personality types. They include the following; loyalists, achievers, enthusiasts, helpers, reformers, challengers, peacemakers, and individualists. Which one do you think you are?

Loyalists are more trustworthy and dependable than the rest. They can always be counted on to follow through with that they promise because not only do they respect accountability, they think rationally as well.

Achievers tend to be more self-centered and are focused primarily on furthering their own goals and ambitions, which is also why they’re such hard workers.

Enthusiasts are those super outgoing, energetic people who appear to have an unmatched zest for life. They’re always trying new things and are fun to be around.

Helpers are people who act exactly as their name implies, they love being resourceful and assisting others wherever they’re needed.

Reformers are the wise souls that exist in our lives who are both realistic and down to earth, they always seem to know best so listen to them when they have advice for you!

Challengers like to be in total control of everything in their lives, and sometimes even in other people’s lives as well. They are strong on many levels, especially mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Peacemakers are those positive, kind types of people who prefer to keep life flowing forward at a constant and steady pace. They strive to live conflict free and are the best mediators.

Individualists like to concentrate on whatever it may be that has managed to grab their attention. They’re extremely creative and while they often get wrapped up in what they’re doing, they don’t let it take over or completely engulf their life.

There you have it, a quick and general overview of the eight different types of people that exist in the world. If you’re still unsure where you fit in, or would like to know which type you are, simply take this quiz and find out. It’s easy, colorful, and fun, enjoy!

Which type are you? 

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