9/10 3rd Grader Can Pass This Vocabulary Test About Animals. Most Adults Can’t.. Can You Pass?

How well do you think you are versed in the subject of animal vocabulary? Test yourself here and now with this easy quiz that will answer that question for you!

Animals are often called more than just one name, yet we usually know and refer to them by the most common one. Over the years, and as new species were discovered, different terminology has been assigned to the many different animals all across the globe. These alternative names tend to fall under four main categories; 1) names for males, 2) names for females, 3) names for babies and, 4) names for a group of a particular type of animal.

To clarify this, take for example kangaroos. Male kangaroos are called jacks, bucks, boomers, and old men. Female kangaroos are called jills, does, and flyers. Baby kangaroos are called joeys and a group of kangaroos are called a troop, mob or court. That’s a lot of different names for a kangaroo but each one reveals much more about the specific type of animal you may be referring to than just “kangaroo” lets on!

According to the quiz site playbuzz, 90% of third-graders are able to pass the animal vocabulary test below. Are you smarter than a third-grader when it comes to animal vocabulary?!? Click on the “Let’s Play!” button right now to see if you’re able to pass it as well. Don’t forget to share this with friends and family to test their knowledge and good luck!

Did you pass? let us know in the comments 🙂

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