This Kid Calls 911 and Has The Funniest Conversation With Confused 911 Operator.

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Kids truly do say the darnedest things and if you have a child you can personally attest to this. Children are like sponges that just pretty much absorb anything and everything in their environment. Their little brains and minds are constantly making new neural connections which help them navigate through a very large and confusing world. Sometimes this curiosity and innocence can get them into some pretty sticky situations that while funny can get them into a bit of trouble.

Children are taught to call 911 in case of emergencies from an early age. They learn that the best way to get immediate help in the face of danger or an urgent crisis is by dialing those three numbers. However, what a young child considers an emergency can often be at odds with what is an actual one requiring police or medical assistance. There are many stories of kids who call 911 for problems that fall well short of a life-threatening situation, you may even have one yourself.

While oftentimes they get scolded by the operator for mis-using the line, sometimes the person on the other end is understanding and happy to help them out. That was the case when a four year old boy named Johnny decided to call 911 for help with his math homework.

He was struggling with take aways, aka subtraction, and in his mind this was a homework emergency that could be solved by talking to the police! Realizing his innocence, instead of reprimanding him the dispatcher decided to talk to Johnny and walk him through some of his homework.

Their adorable conversation is suddenly interrupted when Johnny’s mother asks him who he is talking to. He innocently tells her the policeman is helping him with his math problems and that she told him “if I need help to call somebody.”

Naturally his mom is less than pleased with what’s going on and she can be heard in the background exclaiming “I didn’t mean the police.” That’s where the audio clip ends so while we can’t be sure as to what happened next, it’s safe to assume Johnny’s mom laid down the law and told him not to call the police ever again for math or any kind of homework help!

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