He Bought a Vintage Photo For $2 Bucks At an Antique Shop. Then He’s STUNNED When He Realizes Who’s In It!

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When shopping at thrift stores, vintage outlets and antique shops you mostly just run into nostalgic items that seem really cool because of how old they are and the time period they are from, however most of the time they have little to no actual monetary value. Every once in a while, if you keep searching and searching for some antique treasure you may just find something that only comes around once in a lifetime!

In today’s incredible story we feature an elderly gentleman and avid vintage and collectors item enthusiast Randy Guijarro. Since Randy was a young lad, he was always collecting things. He had coin collections, button collections, scrap metal collections and almost any other type of collection a kid could ever dream of. Not only did he love collecting, but once his collections were in place he would take great care of them to keep them all in pristine conditions.

When he reached the the ripe old age of 7 the neighborhood kids bestowed him with the nickname ‘the hoarder’. At first it really didn’t seem like a big deal, he was just a young boy who was fascinated by all sorts of different ‘treasures’ which most people would probably define as junk! His mother began to get worried that maybe her son had some kind of underlying psychological issue that was causing him to hoard all these different trinkets and shiny objects. She always thought he would just grow out of it, but that never happened, his infatuation with collecting only became stronger as he aged!

By the time Randy was a young man, his place was filled comic books, drawings, paintings, coin collections, baseball cards, stamp collections, different types of statues, unused toys and even some vintage jewelry. His whole life his family and friends would always tell him, he was wasting his time, all these collections were pretty much glorified trash and if he knew what was good for him he would stop hoarding all these collections.

In the face of adversity, Randy never gave in to the pressure from his family and friends, deep down in his gut he knew that each one of these items were worth something to someone somewhere and if he could just figure out the back story of each thing it would raise it’s value to a potential buyer. Instead of getting a normal 9-5 job like most men his age, Randy decided to take the road less traveled and turned his hoarding and collecting into his very own little business.

One day Randy met a beautiful woman named Linda and they instantly fell in love with each other. They knew from the second they laid eyes on one another they were going to be soul mates for all of eternity. Everything was absolutely perfect in their relationship, however Linda wanted Randy to cut back on his hoarding and collecting. Randy agreed to slow it down a bit, but he didn’t realize how detrimental this would be to his life.

A few years later, Randy went to grab a cup of coffee with an old friend to catch up. After they met up, Randy was heading back to his house, when out of the corner of his eye he saw a shop sign that read ‘Fulton’s Folly Antiques’. He had promised Linda that he was going to calm down with all the collecting but he just couldn’t stop himself from stepping inside this shop.

When he walked in he could just feel the magic run through his soul. Collecting was his first love and he wasn’t ready to just go completely cold turkey even if it would make Linda just a bit angry. As he walked around the store he just felt amazing, every little piece of junk looked more precious than gold to him. The store was filled with so many different collections that he never even knew existed. He felt as if his head was going to explode if he didn’t buy just one thing! Somehow he fought the urge, thought about Linda and walked out the front door of the shop.

Outside were two dudes who looked like they were delivering boxes to the shop. Just the sight of boxes with potential treasures inside filled him so much curiosity and excitement. He knew he needed to see what was in those boxes. He approached the two guys who were unloading the boxes and asked if he could take a look inside introduced himself and they agreed to let him take a peak.

He began rummaging through the boxes, nothing particularly grabbed his attention until he got to one box, that contained an even smaller box inside. He reached into the larger box and pulled out the smaller box which was filled with old black and white, sepia vintage photographs. Black and white photographs were always his kryptonite, if he ever came across any vintage black and white pictures he always bought them on the spot.

Unfortunately after his coffee brunch with his friend, Randy reached into his pocket and realized he only had 2 dollars on him. The two guys who delivered the boxes didn’t think the photos were even worth a penny let alone 2 whole dollars, so they sold him the photos for a whopping 2 dollars! He came home, immediately came clean with Linda and told her he couldn’t help himself and had to buy these old photos. Money had been a bit tight so she was pretty scared that he spent a fortune. She asked him how much he spent and was pretty relieved when he told her only 2 dollars.

He kept looking at his new pictures day in and day out and was trying to figure out why some of them seemed so strangely familiar. He found the towns local historian who would be able to figure out what time period the photos were from and potentially who the people were in the photos.

The historian explained to Randy that these vintage shots were from the 19th century. In one of the pictures there was a guy who just looked so familiar playing Croquet. As it turns out, this mystery man was Billy The Kid! A Legendary criminal from the 19th century who escaped prisons, polices, sheriffs and any other law enforcement that got in his way.

Up until this day, there was only 1 other actual photo of the legendary Billy The Kid which sold for 2.3 million dollars in 2011. Randy now was the proud owner of the only other known photograph of Billy The Kid in the entire world. He ended up getting a whopping 5 million dollars for the photograph!

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