Can We Guess Your IQ?

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Intelligence is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.” The knowledge that people gain throughout life comes from practically everywhere. A few of the most common sources include what we see and observe, read about, stumble upon, are taught, and so on.

Much of what is learned has the potential to end up being useless, unless we are able to figure out how to effectively apply it to our advantage. Thus, how intelligent a person is depends not only on what they know, but also on how well they are able to recall and apply learned information, skills, and process.

IQ tests were developed in order to rate and classify a person’s level of intelligence. They involve a mathematical method of scoring people based on a series of questions and problems that a test taker must answer and work through.

These IQ (intelligence quotient) scores show how smart a person is, as compared to others in the population who have been tested, and place people in general categories based on their ability. Categories all center around the average score but may differ as to what they are called in accordance with different test versions.

Some examples include average, below average, borderline, above average, superior, genius, gifted, highly advanced, and so on. If you have ever wondered how you match up against other people in terms of intelligence then try out this quiz.

It’s a shortened version of a traditional IQ test and from the answers you choose it can guess your IQ!

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