Can You Find All 6 Hidden Words In The Picture Below?

Hidden puzzle pictures, like the one featured here, are both fun and challenging to do at just about any age. They’ve been around forever and are a great tool to help keep your brain busy and mind sharp. The newest ones are catching on quickly with people of all ages, they can’t seem to get enough of the simple searches!

The illustration below is of the hidden word picture search variety type as there are six words concealed somewhere in it. The drawing was posted on the puzzle site Playbuzz and it shows a memory-inducing scene of two young children having a bit of fun. They’re playing and building a fort together with the help of their friendly kitty cat.

The G-rated cartoon drawing is apparently tripping people up left and right. According to Playbuzz, out of all the people who try, only 10% of them can find all 6 words in under a minute. Each word directly relates to the image in some way or another, so try your eyes and test yourself now to see if you’re able to spot them all! Have fun and enjoy!

How many words did you find? let us know in the comments

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