Can You Pass This Tricky Animal Vocabulary Test? Take The Quiz Below and Find Out.

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Are you an animal vocabulary expert or is your memory of the terminology and animal-specific names a little faded? This test will determine exactly how well-versed you are on the subject of animal vocabulary that encompassed all of the various terms that are animal related!

Even though we often refer to animals generally by their most common name, many are known by more than just one. With the passage of time, language development, and discoveries of new species, it inevitably became necessary to apply and assign all of the animals across the world generic names. These animal names mainly fall under four categories which include the following;

1. Names for males
2. Names for females
3. Names for babies
4. Names for a group of a particular type of animal

This is why the same species of animal may have well over ten distinct names that are used for a specific gender, groupings, or more! Take for example what we generally and colloquially most often call a horse. A young horse is called a foal, but more specifically a young male horse is a colt and a young female is a filly. An adult female horse is called a mare, whereas an adult male is either a stallion or a gelding, the latter meaning it has been castrated. A group of horses is a herd and when someone says equine, they are referring to horses using the collateral adjective form of the noun ‘horse.’ It’s all very interesting and likely sounds familiar, but each term conveys a very specific meaning. Now you can see how sweeping animal vocabulary can sometimes get!

Here’s another fun example, kangaroos. Males are called jacks, boomers, bucks, and old men. Females are called jills, flyers, and does, while young babies are called joeys, and a group of kangaroos are called a troop, court, or a mob. That’s a lot of different names and yet each particular one reveals so much more about the specific type of animal someone may be referring, other than what just saying “kangaroo” implies or lets on!

According to the quiz site playbuzz, only people with an IQ of 141 or higher can pass the animal vocabulary test featured here with ease. An IQ score that high puts a person in the genius range, so take this 20 question quiz here and now to find out if you’re a genius when it comes to your knowledge of animal names and terminology!

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