Can You Pass This Tricky Geography Test? Take The Quiz Below and Find Out.

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How well do you know the general geographic layout of the world and what each part of it holds? Perhaps you believe that your knowledge of the many diverse countries and their geophysical features, like major rivers, mountains, coastlines, and the climate, population, geography, and more, is above what the average person knows. Or the opposite may be true, and you have a very limited scope of how the world is physically arranged.

When it comes to world geography there is a lot of information and area to cover. There are well over 150 distinct, individual countries scattered throughout the world. That means there are just as many capitol cities, not to mention the countless other large cities, some of which form mega population centers. It’s highly likely that you’ve never even heard of many of them, while others you may be aware of, yet know absolutely nothing about them!

Test your world knowledge to see where you fall on the geography IQ scale once and for all! This quiz is composed of a variety of geographical-related questions that will put your world-smarts to the test. It asks you everything from the what the world population is currently at, to which rivers run through which countries, and what the driest continent on the planet is!

According to Playbuzz, only people with an IQ score of 144 or higher passed this test and got every single question correct. This correlates over to how you score on it, and if you are able to pass this twenty-two question geography test without getting any wrong, then your IQ score is most likely 144 or higher as well!

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