Can You Pass This Tricky Spelling and Grammar Quiz? Find Out Below.

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Do you see yourself as a spelling champion or do you stumble over words when you write them down or type them out? Many of us assume we are excellent when it comes to word choice and punctuation because we don’t need to think twice when we’re composing a sentence. Only a few will readily admit that they are terrible when it comes to spelling, which leaves a lot of people out there in denial about their true grammar abilities!

Any quick scan of the endless stream of posts, comments, and articles posted online and on social media will show you that a lot of people stink at spelling. It’s hard to tell if whether they carelessly make a mistake or auto-correct messes them up, but time and time again it seems like the same words get miss-used. Those words tend to be homonyms and homophones which are the ones that give us the most trouble.

In case your rusty on what homonyms are, they are words that sound exactly alike, but they have totally different meanings. Homophones are a particular type of homonym in that words sound the same and have different meanings, yet in addition they also have alternate spellings. One example are the words bye, by, and buy. They all sound the same, mean completely different things, and are spelled in their own separate ways.

With all of that in mind, how well do you really think you would perform on a spelling and grammar quiz if you were to take one right now? There’s only one way to find out and this quiz will tell you whether or not you’re as good as you think you are at choosing the correct words to complete a given sentence. These are the trickiest sentences that trip up people the most in the English language and all you need to do is pick the correct spelling of the one missing word that’s given. Take it now and see how well you do, good luck, and don’t forget to pass it on!

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