Can You Spot All The B’s In The Quiz Below?

This is a very straight forward visual test. All that you have to do is find the letter “b” at each prompt. It will be hidden in among all the letter D’s, which all serve to make this even more of a challenge because a lower case “d” looks a lot like a “b”!

While the quiz starts off super easy, it gradually increases in difficulty. By the end of it you’ll be going crazy looking for the b among the dizzying maze of d’s! That’s all part of what this quiz is meant to test. Not only is it a way to see how well you visually perform detailed searches, it’s also a way to test your patience.

If you are able to stick it out and keep looking until you successfully find every last b, then you are a very patient individual. However, if you just can’t focus on finishing the task at hand, then you are the opposite, very impatient!

It really shouldn’t take that long to complete and by the end of it all you’ll know how patient of a person you really are! Try it now and keep your eyes peeled for any b’s!

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