Can You Spot The Hidden Fox? Find Out Below.

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The image below is not as simple and straight forward as it initially appears to be. That’s because there is a predator hiding in plain sight unbeknownst to the flock of geese! Your challenge is to spot it in under ten seconds. If you can’t solve it that quickly, give yourself an extra 10 or 25 seconds to see if it pops out at you before clicking to reveal the answer!

The vintage illustration of a flock of geese resting under a tree by the water’s edge was originally featured on an old trade card. Trade cards were popular in the mid to late 1800s and even though they were most commonly used as advertisements, people often collected them as well. On one side there would typically be a picture while the other side featured the ad.

While the origins of this particular trade card are unknown, it’s one of the more interesting and unique ones out there. That’s because the intricate drawing featured on it contains an optical illusion hiding in plain sight! The type of illusion used here is what is known as an ambiguous image. Ambiguous images are pictures that exploit and take advantage of how people both perceive and interpret things visually. They can be viewed in more than one way because they produce or contain multiple, different images depending on how you look at them.

According to the quiz site Playbuzz, only the most perceptive people are able to quickly spot the fox. Please share this test with friends and family and see if they can see through the illusion. Don’t forget to keep track of how long it takes you to spot it and good luck!

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