Are You Capable Of Spelling These 21 Tricky Words Correctly? Take The Quiz Below and Find Out.

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Although there are certainly intelligent people who are poor spellers, there does seem to be an overall correlation between spelling ability and how smart you are.  While people with reading disabilities can have a high IQ and have difficulty spelling, they find ways to compensate for that disability and still acquire information and analytic abilities.  There is also a generation of people who grew up using computers and “spellcheck”, which may have left them deficient in spelling ability.

All this being said, the ability to spell and a rich acquisition of vocabulary has a strong correlation to consumption of reading material; strong and insatiable readers tend to have higher IQs.  You are about to take a QUIZ below which will present you with several examples of how to spell trickier words in the English language.  The more that you have encountered words through reading, the more likely you will be able to choose the correct spelling.  Some of the words are easier  than others, while others may require you to pause before you respond.

If you get the majority or all of these words correct, it will be deemed that you have an IQ of 142 or higher!  This is reflective of outstanding analytic abilities, philosophical tendencies, an inquisitive nature, as well as many other characteristics that you may find aptly describes your intelligence.  If you get an above average number of questions right, you may be deemed to have an above average IQ that includes many of the same characteristics of learning.  If you flunk…well, it might be time to start doing some reading or you might just be one of those people who are still smart but can’t spell.  Have fun taking the quiz and let us know how you do.

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