Man Squirts Food Coloring Into Cup Filled With Rice. When He Adds The Egg It’s Stunning!

Dyeing Easter eggs is a tradition in many households this time of year. Perhaps the most well known method is coloring eggs with a Paas decorating kit. It seems to be sold everywhere and contains color tablets, stickers, egg holders and even a little wire egg-dipper contraption that can barely hold an egg. The whole thing is very convenient but also filled with chemicals. There is an equally easy and convenient way to dye eggs that can be done with things already on hand and, most importantly, naturally.

All you need is hard boiled eggs, dry white rice, food coloring, cups and lids or some other type of covering. Be sure to use cups that are large enough to hold an egg with enough room left over to shake an egg around in. For an easy ‘lid’ you can secure the cup opening tightly with saran wrap. Begin by placing about 3-4 tablespoons of rice into a cup.

Drop in at least a couple of good squirts of food coloring (you can always add more later to get a darker or different color), and mix it up well with the rice. Now you can place an egg into the cup, secure a lid on top, and shake it gently around. You should be able to see the food coloring start to transfer from the rice onto the egg. When you like what you see, take the egg out and set it aside to dry off. That’s it!

Get experimental by using more or less dye and longer or shorter shake times to get different results. Its super simple and affordable to do, not to mention easy to clean up. Best of all, you can eat the eggs afterward since the coloring is only on the outside shell and no heat or chemicals are used in the process.

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