What Is Your Guardian Angel Actually Trying To Say To You? Find Out..

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We each have our very own special guardian angel who watches over us during the course of our life here on earth. They are protective spirits that help to guide us down a positive path and make the right decisions. They also keep us safe from both physical harm and the evil dangers of this world.

Even though many of us may not ever see them in a physical sense, our guardian angel is always with us in spirit. It doesn’t matter what we are faced with and must go through, good or bad, that higher power is by our side. Many people are able to feel their presence and have experienced a type of reassuring, mystical force at major points in their life, which they themselves attribute to being their guardian angel. Oftentimes this happens in our darkest hour, when we are involved in a tragedy or accident, and when life suddenly becomes exceedingly tough.

Beyond those more dramatic instances of misfortune, many of us often turn to our guardian angels in our thoughts and prayers. We ask them for advice and talk to them about life, love, family, hopes and dreams, and really anything we may have on our minds. This practice gives us reassurance and helps make us feel calm and at ease. We can rest more easily in the comforting thought that some higher life force is on our side, listening to all we have to say, and helping us out.

When we talk to our guardian angels they respond by sending us messages, signs, and subtle signals, of which we may or may not pick up on. Inevitably you’ve likely wondered at some point in your life what your guardian angel is trying to tell you. This quiz will tell you exactly what that message is, so take a moment to work through it and get the answers you’ve been looking for!

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What Mental Ability Is Your Greatest Strength? Find Out..

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What do think your strongest mental ability is? It’s probably not something that you’ve ever really stopped and thought about because the topic rarely comes up. While we’re often asked about our strengths in job interviews and put them down on resumes, the answers that we come up with in those settings are always geared towards the positions we’re trying to get.

Rather, this is one of those questions that we just have to ask ourselves. It’s different in that it forces you to look deep inside, but a little self-introspection every now and then is never a bad thing! To truly figure out what your strongest mental ability is you have to focus your thoughts on the way you approach new situations and look at how you’ve learned from past experiences. Mental abilities are all about how we acquire and hold onto the lessons, information, and knowledge we come across in our lives.

Everyone’s mental abilities are different, some people take a creative approach to the world, whereas others walk a straight forward, logical path through life. This quiz will explore everything from your learning style and habits to how you approach problems, puzzles, and so much more, in order to determine what your strongest mental ability is! The results may surprise you so take it now and as always, have fun and enjoy!

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Pick An Eye To See What It Reveals About Your Personality. Which Eye Did You Pick?

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words and when you’re given multiple pictures to choose from, it becomes worth a whole lot more. That’s because the choices you make can reveal a lot of valuable insight about who you are deep down on the inside.

While they may appear simple and straightforward on the surface, the reasons we have for picking one picture over another are actually quite varied and complex. There are many subtle, unconscious factors at play which lead up to the decision you end up making. Some of those variables have to do with the type of person you are and the experiences in your life that have influenced and shaped you.

This quick and easy visual personality test is a simple way to discover more about yourself and the choices you make. Tests like this one are designed to uncover aspects of a person’s character and personality features. Try it out, it’s a fun way to see what traits may be hidden inside of you. All you have to do is pick an image of an eye below that appeals the most to you, have fun and enjoy!

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