Which Color Fairy Are You?

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Each and every person has unique and distinctive colors associated with their aura, as well as their inner fairy too! We all have a little bit of fairy magic in our souls and it shines out from deep within us. Even if you can’t see these colors in yourself or others, it’s always with the person from whose soul it emanates.

All living things, as well as objects, manifest and put off a certain energy that radiates around them. Over time our fairy color may change, often reflecting our innermost feelings and personal growth. What color your inner light is at this point in life reflects a deeper unconscious level consisting of complex interactions from our past lives and experiences and those of today’s.

Furthermore, there is a whole wealth of information about what different colors represent in general terms. We equate pink with love, red with anger and desire, green with nature, blue with tranquility, and black with death.

It’s crazy to think that every shade you are unconsciously drawn to, or intentionally choose, can reveal a little bit about your soul and who you are as a person.¬†Out of the following colors, which one do you think most likely fits your inner fairy; emerald, lavender, ebony, pink, sapphire, pearl, golden, or ruby?

To figure out what color fairy you are, take this short quiz, and as always have fun and enjoy!

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