Dad Decides To Show His Two Nervous Sons The Center Core of a Wasps Nest

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There is something so mysterious and intriguing about what lies inside of things that we are usually not privy to.  Dan and his son Lincoln have a channel where they open up all kinds of things together to discover what lies inside.  In the video you are about to watch, we join this family in discovering what lurks inside the bowels of a Wasp’s Nest! Obviously they were not going to go near a live nest, so they ordered one that was no longer inhabited, from eBay.  I find it so admirable that Dan has been sharing his curiosity with Lincoln, in exploring such fascinating things, by doing these in home science projects.

There is nothing better that a parent can model and offer a child, than the fostering of intrinsic curiosity about the world in general, and more specifically in the workings of nature. After unpacking the wasp’s nest, you will see Dan begin the process of cutting open the nest, as Lincoln and his friend seem to be having a mixture of anticipatory excitement and a bit of squeamish fear.

I myself, watched with baited breath, as the cutting open of the nest proceeded. I have to admit I was pretty nervous there could be some hidden wasps inside! Lincoln is a little bit afraid that there still might be a live hornet inside, despite the fact that they have been assured there is not.

When the cutting process is finished their gasps of amazement at the intricacy of the internal structure, matched my own.  Nature is just so fascinating, and the building capacity of the insect kingdom, is truly mind-boggling to view.  Get ready for some really amazing footage!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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