Which Decade Should You Have Been Born In?

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Do you ever feel like you were born at the wrong time? Maybe you feel that you would have fit in better, or that another time was more ideal in some way? Take the quiz and find out which decade is the best fit for you!

The only thing that never changes is that everything always changes. For us as individuals, change is apparent in obvious ways in our own bodies, in the changing of the seasons, the cycle of day and night, of birth and growth.

Change also happens on a societal level, and each decade has distinctive styles and preferences that set them apart. A certain feel, something consistent across a huge range of culture that includes music, film, television, fashion, the way people talk and even advertisements found in magazines.

A single glance at a photograph or cultural artifact can be enough to tell which decade it comes from, or which it is intended to imitate. Our modern cultural aesthetic is a mixture of everything that came before, a collage of change that creates something new out of the old. All life is like that in many ways.

Do you think you know which decade best fits you? Did the quiz results line up with your expectations? Let us know!

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