What Dharma Type Are You? Take The Quiz Below and Find Out.

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Dharma is based on an ancient system of social structure and spiritual duty.  As many ancient spiritual notions, this system has withstood the test of time, in applying to the human condition throughout history and up to the present.  It is a basic human yearning to find purpose in our lives;  matching up and having real insight into your Dharma type, will be a great aid in achieving a successful navigation of life.

There are five Dharma archetypes…Warrior, Educator, Merchant, Laborer and Outsider.  Knowing your true Dharma identity will help you to achieve a better sense of yourself, which in turn will allow you to use the strengths that are innate to your essence.  Through self acceptance of this innate Dharma type, you will be better able to find a spiritual center.  In understanding your true nature, you will find purpose, self esteem, moments of joy and meaning throughout your life.

You are about to take a QUIZ that will present you with a series of images.  You will be asked which out of three images make you feel PEACE, is representative of LOVE, represents TRANQUILITY, is representative of YOUR IDEAL GETAWAY, makes you FEEL HOPEFUL etc.  From your responses will come an analysis of your DHARMA TYPE. Perhaps you are an OUTSIDER..valuing personal freedom and being extremely adaptable.  You might be a MERCHANT…thriving off other people’s company and seeking to make others happy above all else.  Or are you an EDUCATOR?…seeing your main purpose as passing on wisdom to others.  Find out if your true essence is one of these or perhaps a WARRIOR or a LABORER.

Have fun taking the quiz; try not to overthink your responses…going with your gut will yield the most accurate analysis of your DHARMA TYPE.  Let us know if the analysis resonates with how you see yourself and how you find meaning in your life.

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