What is your most dominant subconscious trait according to your Zodiac Sign?

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There are many ways to go about analyzing a person, whether it’s yourself or someone else. One of the best methods is to ask specific questions that are designed to extract certain information from whomever you’re looking into. The responses to those targeted questions can be compared against all sorts of factual and general information that researchers and studies have covered before, and certain patterns or results can be drawn from them.

This quiz was designed to quickly and accurately analyze a person’s strongest brain function and thus determine what type of dominant personality they have. We all have a different perspective of the world, life, and everything that surrounds us. Our personal experiences and subconsciousness often determines how we view and approach situations and over time we develop our own unique personalities.

It follows that out of all the traits we have, which make up our personalities, only one can be the most dominant. In a sense, that trait is our overriding brain function and it governs practically all of our behaviors, and forms our overall disposition as well.

The five questions posed here cover a range of social, emotional, and personal aspects that are excellent indicators of how a person most typically uses their brain and thinks. The responses envelop little clues that help to narrow down and reveal what’s going on inside our heads. Take it now to find out what your dominant personality function is, and as always, have fun and enjoy!

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