THIS Drone Caught Footage Nobody Was Ever Supposed To See!

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Drones have taking the world by storm. From military, photographers, kids with their parents to just people having a fun hobby flying drones on their free time. Many people don’t know this but the history of drones started a very long time ago. First, the definition of a drone is a flying vehicle that has no human flying in it.

The first drones in a historical context were way back in 1839. The military in Austria used unmanned flying balloons that they used to drop bombs on Venice! Some of them actually struck their intended target however, most exploded well before they reached their destination, while others blew back in the face of Austrian Soldiers..

Then came the invention of winged flying or as we know it as the airplane. Everybody knows about the White Brothers first historical flight back in the year 1900. However not a lot of people know that 15 years later England created the first ever unmanned flying vehicle with wings call the Ruston Proctor Aerial Target. They tested it in war but because the technology was so new and underdeveloped they ended up scrapping the whole thing thinking that it this whole “drone idea” was pretty useless for war.

Of course only a year later, the Americans developed their own version of the Ruston Proctor Aerial Target, but theirs worked a lot better and was a modern marvel as they tested it over and over again. The problem was the war was over, so testing it in actual combat situations wasn’t possible, so it was yet to be seen if it was a viable option for the military.

In World War 2 and then the Cold War these early prototypical drones finally had their chance to be tested. Unfortunately, for the most part from a military perspective they were still pretty useless because of their unreliability. They knew there was something to it, yet the manned aircrafts were far more reliable and these manned aircraft technologies were advancing at a much quicker rate.

Many years would pass before UAVs would fly next to jets against the Syrian army in 1982. Then by 1984 the USA began spending millions and millions of dollars on drone contracts. They were first to be used to scout at an area to make sure it was safe to fly over. Secondly, they would be used as actual tactical weaponry to seek out and destroy their targets.¬†From here to the present day drones would be a center piece of the arsenal of many of the world’s military.

In 2006, drones went mainstream and civilians all over the world were finally able to purchase and fly their own drones for fun. It started out slowly, but soon drone-mania would would explode and everyone and their grandma would be out flying their drones. I have to admit they are super awesome and fun to use and enjoy using mine as often as I can. If you are interested in photography, film and nature videos these amazing machines are totally for you. You will be able to get shots you would never imagine. This is what we will be covering in today’s amazing drone video below. Click the play button below and enjoy.

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