Quiz: What Emotion Is Your Subconscious Hiding?

The human mind is vastly complex and we have only begun to scratch the surface of unlocking what it holds. There are many different layers that make up all of what we think, feel, see, experience in life, and so on. When these layers intersect and combine they form our emotional intelligence which is a very important part of who we are. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize emotions in both ourselves and in other people. It looks at how an individual discriminates between various feelings and how they label them, whether appropriately or not. An individual’s emotional intelligence depends on how they use this information to influence and guide their behavior, thoughts, decisions, and choices in regards to their life and interactions with others.

However, it follows that not all of our emotions are so easily recognized and clear. In fact, every person has within them emotions which their subconscious is hiding. Some people have many of these repressed emotions, but overall only one type is being hidden more so than all of the rest.

In order to better understand emotions and where the modern concept of them came from, you have to look at ideas whose origins can be traced back to over a thousand years ago. It was the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle who first posited the idea that humans have nine basic categories of emotion.

All of these work together to make up the rich tapestry of human feelings that we all experience. The first is anger, which is known by everyone and can be very sneaky, arising out of nowhere if you’re unable to control it. The second is friendship, it’s self-explanatory, and the third is fear, which is lacking courage. Fourth is shame, which is negative thoughts about past actions and choices we have made and a lack of overall confidence in them.

Next is kindness, or benevolence, which is sincere acts of goodness done to and for others. The sixth is pity, when we feel sorry for others. Seventh is indignation, the feeling of anger we sometimes get when we perceive something to be fundamentally unfair. Next is envy, which refers to the common feelings of jealousy that people develop at times.

The ninth and greatest is love, the emotion that ties us all together and keeps us from destroying one another, in light of all the aforementioned negative emotions. Love is incredibly strong feelings of attachment and need that we develop for someone else, especially our family, friends, and significant others.

The basic categories of emotions are the basis for all of the other emotions we are capable of feeling and expressing via our emotional intelligence. There are thousands of words throughout the world that can be used to describe associated emotions, but they all fall under one of those and your subconscious is currently hiding one of them. Which one is it? It won’t help to guess because by its very nature it’s unknowable to your self. Unlock the answer with this quiz, it might turn out to be quite surprising and revealing!

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