Farmer Thought This Hen Was Keeping Eggs Warm. But He Got An Unexpected Surprise.

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The inside of a hen house isn’t the type of place you’d expect to see a tiny newborn kitten, but that’s exactly where one little kitty was found. It turns out that a plucky mother hen had taken in a poor abandoned kitten who had been left for dead and was all alone in the world.

The chicken decided to literally take the newborn baby under her wings and keep the teeny kitten as safe, secure, and warm as possible. This clip of the two of them will melt your heart and brighten anyone’s day, it’s just too cute!

Apparently, while the farmer was out visiting the hen house and collecting eggs, he noticed that one of his hens was acting a bit strange. She was sitting on something and refusing to move, so he gently picked her up and that’s when he noticed the kitten sleeping soundly underneath! The tiny black and white ball of fur appears to be just days old and looks comfy as can be sleeping on the soft straw bed.

Meanwhile, the hen was getting nervous and seemed quite anxious to get back to roosting atop her new baby so the owner stepped aside and let her get back to it. For the time being, the arrangement is the best thing for everyone involved, even if it seems a bit strange!

After viewing this many people have expressed concern for the welfare of the kitten and wish to know if it survived. A kitten that young needs its mother’s milk or formula every couple of hours or so and while the hen keeps it warm and safe, another cat or a human needs to help feed and care for it.

While it’s not clear from the video, one can assume that the owner did step in and take care of the kitten. It’s second nature for a farmer to have to bottle feed many different animals around the clock and to keep a close eye on all of them. Plus, this cute kitten will grow up to be an asset on the farm. Not only will the hens be used to its presence, it will love and protect them in turn.

Also, the kitty will hunt mice and other vermin, helping to keep the barn and food stocks clean and secure and the entire operation running smoothly. In the end, it’s in the farmer’s best interests to step in and care for the kitten because it will return the favor tenfold!

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