They Film As The Dark Clouds Come Rolling In. But What Happens To The Pool Is The UNTHINKABLE!

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You would think that a city that calls itself “The Big Friendly” would have some warm and pleasant weather to offer its citizens and visitors. However friendly Oklahoma City may be, its weather often proves to be anything but that. The city that’s home to Oklahoma’s state capitol happens to sit smack dab in the middle of America’s infamous tornado alley, making it also the unofficial tornado capital of the entire United States.

All of those tornadoes come hand in hand with other types of severe, nasty weather. The supercells that form in the skies over the region, which spawn the powerful and deadly tornadoes, also play host to lightning, gusty winds, driving rains, and punishing hailstones. The effects of these storms can end up being devastating and their costs enormous, as was the case on May 16, 2010.

On that Sunday afternoon a large supercell thunderstorm developed and unleashed its fury as it moved across the region. Anyone below in its path rushed to find shelter and the safety it provided from the massive hail stones which rained down all around. There were so many icy stones falling that they even turned one man’s swimming pool into a giant churning vat of ice water, that actually appeared to be boiling!

Check out the insane footage he shot of his backyard pool getting pummeled as he looks on in absolute shock. It’s pretty incredible and shows just how powerful mother nature can be. According to the NOAA, the wind speeds this storm whipped up averaged 50 mph, with gusts of over 60 mph measured.

Baseball, softball, and golfball-size hail were reported as well as hail drifts that were several feet deep in some areas. When it was all over, the storm ended up costing an estimated $595 million dollars in damages, making it one of the costliest hailstorms in North America on record. Think of all the broken windows, dented cars, smashed up trees and vegetation that must have caused.

Hopefully, the man who recorded his pool churning and roiling had insurance to cover whatever damages he incurred!

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