Quiz: Only 1% Of Humans Can Find The Frog In This Hidden Camouflage Photo.. Can You Spot It?

Evolution has led to many fascinating things and there’s almost always a good reason behind every feature and trait that living things sport in nature. No where does this seem to be more true than in regards to appearances.¬†All living creatures, from bugs and insects to reptiles and animals, come well-equipped with their own distinct features and coloring. Sometimes these traits are bright and bold, they usually serve as a warning to others not to mess with whatever it is that has them. More common are features that help camouflage animals and make them blend in with their surroundings, so they stay safe and hidden.

Regardless of their exact purpose, all of these attributes have evolved over thousands of years for one sole purpose; to help protect animals from predators and give them a better chance of survival. It just so happens that some creatures have superior abilities at becoming one with nature. Take for example the frog in this photo. Can you see it? Probably not because it’s so well hidden!

According to Playbuzz, 99% of the people who try to spot the frog in this picture fail. Instead they give up and click on it for the answer. The incredibly difficult to discern frog photo was taken by Indian photographer Yuwaraj Gurjar in Goa, a state located in southwest India. It shows a little Malabar gliding frog resting on a bright green leaf. Prior to the tree frog’s nap it had been working hard building a nest and once it dozed off Gurjar was able to get this shot.

Tree frogs like the one here have an unbelievable ability at blending in with their habitat and surroundings. It’s easy to walk right by one without ever noticing it was even there, which helps keeps them safe. Try looking now to see whether or not you’re able to pass the challenge and find the frog. Good luck!

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