Watch As Brave Cat Sneaks Into Bears Enclosure At The Zoo When He Smells The Bear’s Food. But Then They Become Best Friends Instead of Enemies.

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Bears and cats seem like they’d be natural enemies rather than natural friends. Based on size alone, any bear easily dwarfs a cat and while they both have claws, a bear claw can be anywhere from 1-4 inches long. If the two were to meet in the wild, one would assume the cat would run away while the bear would either pay the cat no mind or possibly chase after it. But as with most things in life, things usually don’t turn out how you would think they should..

When a little black cat wandered into Mauschen’s, an Asiatic bear, enclosure at the Berlin Zoo, everyone was naturally very concerned for the kitty’s health and wellness. The cat, named Muschi, was spotted sitting up in a tree sitting on a branch inside the bear’s habitat by an employee who went in to feed her. Soon zoo visitors noticed Muschi as well and it was only a matter of time before Mauschen caught wind of the little cat’s presence.

Everyone looked on helplessly when the 800 pound bear slowly began to make her way towards the tiny little cat. When Mauschen was close, the cat suddenly jumped down from the tree. What happened next defied the laws of nature and everyone’s assumptions about bears and cats, instead of attacking the kitty, Mauschen appeared to have welcomed her as a new friend!

The two furry black animals quickly became best friends and formed a very close relationship. For the next seven years they were never far from one another, so when the zoo decided to expand Mauschen’s enclosure and had to separate them, they didn’t take it lightly.

Zookeepers had to keep the cat out because other bears were being brought in and they might not like having her around. However, it soon became apparent that the best friends were not handling their forced separation well.

All night long Muschi would cry outside the bear enclosure and both animal’s health declined. They were depressed and it was heartbreaking to see how visibly upset they were. Rather than risk stressing them anymore, the animal odd-couple were reunited and free to live together again in Mauschen’s newly renovated enclosure. They quickly went right back to their old ways and were playing and cuddling in no time at all.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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