Which Greek God/Goddess Were You In A Past Life?

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A handful of Greek gods and goddesses stand out from among their peers in classical mythology. The enigmatic and powerful figures towered over their contemporaries because of their accomplishments, bravery, and passion.

In school history lessons we read the stories and myths about them and studied their actions and all the amazing things they did or stood for. The tales were filled with action and adventure, moral lessons, drama, and that’s why Greek mythology has lasted and been celebrated throughout the ages.

A few Greek figures were held aloft in high esteem and viewed with reverence. Large parts of society worshiped and praised iconic individuals such as Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite, and Hades.

These figures were associated with important themes of family, power, life, love, and death. They have endured timelessly and continue to entrance and seduce our imaginations thousands of years later.

Take a minute to explore the ancient myths and take the quiz to find out which Greek god or goddess you were in a past life. As always, have fun and enjoy!

Which Greek god or goddess did you get?

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