Can You Pass The Toughest Grammar Police Test?

Grammar. In school you either loved or loathed the subject and yet it’s something you really need to know in order to sound intelligent. There are many different rules governing grammar and composition, yet we never really stop to think about proper sentence structure because it just seems to come to us naturally.

Once you reach a certain age language becomes second nature and people get set in their ways. In the end, you either know it well or you lack a complete grasp on the essentials.

Grammar has become somewhat of a lost art in the modern, fast-paced world we live in today. It simply doesn’t factor into our day to day lives like it used to. Most people have devices like smart phones and laptops that come standard with spell check, which they rely on to correct any mistakes or spelling errors.

However, the technology only seems to be making grammar worse and oftentimes auto-correct gets it wrong. People are also using abbreviations like ‘LOL’ or ‘SMH’ as shortcuts for writing out sentences and emojis have exploded in popularity as a way to express common reactions.

In light of trends like these it’s no wonder that ancient arts like cursive writing and proper grammar usage are dying out. Kids are now learning computer based skills and languages like code rather than English. The good old days of copying words and sentences down, then dissecting them apart, are fading away.

How much do you think you learned and can remember from all those English classes and lessons you were schooled in? This challenging quiz will answer that question for you. There are a number of different types of grammatical problems to work through and you need to pick the correct choice out of the three provided.

There are spelling, possession, syntax, context, past or present tense, antonyms, synonyms, and more presented in the following seventeen questions. The last one is more of a riddle and it’s guaranteed to make you stop and think!

If English and grammar are your cup of tea, then you may find this to be relatively easy. If you happen to be a little rusty on the subject, or were never that great at it anyways, then it may prove to be quite tricky.

There’s only one way to find out how well you know grammar and that’s by whether or not you can pass this test, so try it now and good luck!

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