Hairy Man Hasn’t Cut His Hair In Years, But Gets Makeover and He Looks So Different Now

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A haircut can either make or break a man. That’s because people tend to make automatic assumptions based primarily off looks all the time. How we dress, present ourselves to the world, and choose to style our hair conveys a lot of unspoken information about us. Which is why going to a good barber and getting a decent trim, at least every once in awhile, can be so important.

If you’re curious as to how often you should switch up your looks in order to stay up to date on what’s ‘in,’ beauty experts say you should aim to change your hair style about every two years or so. Try telling that to the man in this short clip. From the look he’s sporting in his before picture, that advice was definitely lost on him!

The young man goes by the username WalterWhiteBoy16 on Reddit and he posted the story of his unbelievably awesome haircut to the site. He explained that he’d recently moved to the Springfield, Missouri area and was looking to get his haircut. As you can see, his blonde hair was shaggy and long, going past his shoulders, and his full scraggly beard had not been groomed or trimmed in ages. He looked like he could easily be either a vagrant or a hippie and you could barely see his face or features behind all of that hair.

Anyways, he happened to stumble across a barber on Instagram, fleetwoodthebarber, and was impressed with the man’s handiwork. So he headed on over to the barbershop and asked for the type of haircut a trendy man or say a celebrity would likely get. As you can see in the after shot, he looks like a totally different person and remarkably similar to Brad Pitt!

My barber is a goddamn hero

Watch The Video Below To See The Transformation:

The barber completely transformed his appearance by first cutting off inches of his long blonde locks. Then he shaved the sides into a clean fade and cropped the top neatly, keeping the front part just a little longer than the rest so it all came together and slicked back nicely. As for that burly beard, it was trimmed down drastically and shaped into a classic goatee. In the time it took to get his haircut, the man went from unkempt and rough looking to handsome and well-groomed. You have to see the before and after pictures, they’re like night and day! As for the handsome gentleman in the pictures, he was more than thrilled with the outcome and wrote “Dude gave me the best haircut I’ve ever gotten. So now he is MY go-to guy for a haircut.” The results speak for themselves so check his new hairstyle out and see for yourself how great he looks.

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