Human Confronts Her Very Guilty Dog, But Then He Coughs Up This Unexpected Surprise.

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A good hearty sandwich is among the easiest and most delicious ways to eat a filling meal. Any sandwich aficionado knows just how versatile and tasty they can be. In fact, a yummy toasted sub is oftentimes downright irresistible, especially to our canine friends. When they sniff out the meaty, cheesy goodness, their mouths water just as much as any human’s does!

One dog’s desire to take a little bite out of his owner’s sandwich proved too much for him to ignore. The adorable dog seen here is named Saben and as soon as his owner left the room, and her sandwich unattended, he made his move. While he meant to take just a bite, the deliciousness overwhelmed him and he ended up stuffing the entire thing in his mouth! But before he could chew it up and swallow it all down, his owner returned. So Saben did what any guilty dog would do in this type of situation, he tried to look as sweet and innocent as possible!

However, since he was the only possible suspect, he was bound to get caught and called out. Upon returning and seeing that her meal was gone, his owner asked him “what happened to my sandwich?” He couldn’t really do much at this point with the sandwich crammed in his mouth, so Saben simply turned away from her to avoid any uncomfortable eye contact. Avoiding her gaze proved to be his downfall because she could see a very suspicious looking lump in his mouth, which was the half eaten sandwich bulging out!

When he realized that he’d officially been caught red-handed, he had no choice but to spit out the sandwich. Out of his mouth it came, whereupon it hit the edge of the sofa and then fell to the floor in a gross looking lump. The poor dog, he’d taken too big a bite and all that bread must have been drying out his mouth, making it nearly impossible for him to chew and swallow it down in time!

Thankfully for Saben, his owner found it amusing and had a great sense of humor towards the entire situation. And while it may not seem like it, there is a lesson to be learned from all of this. The next time you get caught red handed, try to keep your mouth shut no matter what while looking as innocent as possible. Also, it helps if your mouth isn’t stuffed chock full of food because if Saben has taught us anything, it will all come tumbling out in the end!

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