Dad Tells His Dog He Ate All The Food In The House. The Dog Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Tantrum

Have you ever wondered what your pet is actually thinking about? Even if you’re not a pet owner you probably answered that question with a yes because just about every single animal lover alive has undoubtedly thought about it at some point in time. While we may not be able to know for sure what goes through our fur babies minds when they see or hear certain things, we can always speculate about it and give it our best guess…

Archeologists estimate the dog and human relationship goes back anywhere from 14 thousand years ago to 36 thousand years ago! That is a long time for any two species to have such a close and symbiotic relationship. It’s no wonder so many of us talk to our dogs just like we talk to other people and most time our pups answer us back! Which brings us to today’s hysterical featured video.

That’s exactly what one man decided to do. However, he took it one step further and added his own commentary to a video clip he took of his dog being adorable and interacting excitedly with him! The final edit turned out awesome and it’s the perfect mash up of dog movements and free flowing, casual conversation. It’s so spot on that it’s like the dog is actually speaking. This is one of the most well done videos I’ve ever seen on the internet. All the work that went into making this video totally paid off!

The topic that the man decided to explore was how his dog would react to the news that the delicious food he had taken out of the fridge earlier… was all gone! All dogs naturally love food and so they’d hate to hear that they wouldn’t be getting any tasty treats. I’d throw a mini tantrum too if I was teased like the poor pup in the clip.

Check out the hilarious and super realistic clip for a refreshingly unique take on the inner workings of the canine mind and train of thought!

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