Human Tells His Pup He Ate All The Food In The Home. The Pup Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Tantrum.

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Have you ever wondered what your pet is actually thinking about? Even if you’re not a pet owner you probably answered that question with a yes because just about every single animal lover alive has undoubtedly thought about it at some point in time. While we may not be able to know for sure what goes through our fur babies minds when they see or hear certain things, we can always speculate about it and give it our best guess. Some animals are quite vocal when sending their human counterparts messages while others can be a little less direct…

Many of us talk and sometimes even have full on conversations with our fur babies. But have you ever imagined what your pup would say back to you if they could speak in human language? The human in this video added his own commentary to a video clip he took of his dog being adorable and interacting excitedly with him!

The reactions that dogs have to not getting what they want are equally as complex as any persons, it’s just that they’re so much more adorable! When a dog throws a hissy fit or acts irrational because it doesn’t get its way, that’s way more acceptable than when any adult, or person over the age of 10, throws a tantrum.

The final edit turned out awesome and it’s the perfect mash up of dog movements and free flowing, casual conversation. It’s so spot on that it’s like the dog is actually speaking. This is one of the most well done videos I’ve ever seen on the internet. All the work that went into making this video totally paid off!

The topic that the man decided to explore was how his dog would react to the news that the delicious food he had taken out of the fridge earlier… was all gone! All dogs naturally love food and so they’d hate to hear that they wouldn’t be getting any tasty treats. I’d probably throw a mini tantrum too if I was this the poor adorable pup in the clip.

Check out the hilarious and super realistic clip for a refreshingly unique take on the inner workings of the canine mind and train of thought! Some of you might find this conversation quite similar to conversations you have with your own pets. Whether it be cats, dogs or birds some are just really good at communicating their feelings to their humans.

This pup didn’t even stop to take a breath and his stream of moaning and groaning over all the food being gone in the house continues on until it turned into a full out tantrum. This dog wasn’t holding back and while most tantrums can easily become annoying, his was just the funniest and cutest thing ever.

The dog lets his disappointment known to all by groaning aloud and throwing a fit in the most literal sense of the term! It turns from the camera, takes a step, and then starts jumping back and forth. It is so over the top and unnecessary that it only makes it all the more funny and entertaining!

This is still probably my favorite thing on the entire internet hope you enjoy.

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Each Time This Spoiled Lil Rabbit’s Dad Stops Petting Him The Bunny Throws The Funniest Tantrum!

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Some animals know exactly what they want and oftentimes they enjoy receiving a nice, gentle, relaxing hand massage from their human companions. It’s no secret that many of our furry pets love to be pet, which may be why we call them “pets” in the first place. Or maybe it’s the other way around, and we call it petting because they are our pets.

Whatever the case may be, lots of animals simply love being stroked and scratched. They usually have a sweet spot where they especially like being rubbed. For cats it seems to be around the cheeks, dogs like their ears and back scratched, and then there are some whose sweet spot is everywhere and anywhere.

The little bunny in this video seems to fall in the latter category. From the looks of it he likes being pet all over, especially down his backside. The man in the video gently strokes his ears, nose, cheekbones, temples, head, and back, while the bunny twitches his nose and sits with a content expression on his face, his body completely relaxed and at ease.

When the man stops petting him the bunny is clearly not happy about it. He stamps his furry little paws and lets out adorable growling sounds in protest. It might just be the cutest behavior I’ve ever seen a rabbit do! At one point the furry little guy searches for more pet-pets by crawling under the man’s hand, urging him to resume the mini-massage that he so rudely ended. This bunny knows what he wants and he’s basically telling the man through his grunts, growls, and foot thumping that he is not pleased the cuddle session ended!

Contrary to popular belief, lots of rabbits love being pet and shown affection. The areas they most enjoy being pet is on their head and down their backside. Many often like their dewlap, the roll of skin underneath their chin, scratched and rubbed, but some don’t like this at all. The bunny will let you know whether or not it’s enjoying the attention. When they purr, chatter their teeth, flop over, and close their eyes it means they like it and if you stop and they poke your hand with their head it means “don’t stop, keep petting!”

Rabbits are very expressive, you just have to know how to read them, and over time you become familiar and accustomed to an individual one’s behavior. Like every other pet, they have their own distinct personalities!

The adorable bunny in this video has certainly bonded with his human friend as he feels comfortable telling the man what to do. The little cutie looks so happy being pet and snuggled in his blanket, and if that can’t put a smile on your face then I don’t know what will. Enjoy this hysterical video

This fluffy lil bunny is just awesome.

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Dad Tells His Pup He Got a New Pet From The Pet Store. The Dog Proceeds To Throw a Hilarious Fit.

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When it comes to cats and dogs, it seems like they either get along great or they can’t stand each other. You never know how they’re really going to act until you socialize and introduce them to other pets. When a cat and dog initially meet the general belief is that the earlier in life they do that, the better they will get along with one another. Sometimes the initial meeting between the pets goes smooth as silk while others let’s just say don’t go just as you planned they would.

Other times, the first meeting can go horribly wrong and a close watch and lots of intervention is necessary before the two animals are comfortable enough to be together alone.  Every animal is different and just like their human counterparts, some of them are more solitary and like being alone, while others prefer having company and are more social in nature.

The adorable black and white dog in this clip falls under the latter category, he would absolutely love and adore to have a fellow animal companion by his side. Well, at least that’s how his owner imagines his dog’s thoughts and feelings to be!

Although most likely these are this cute pups precious wish to have a new best friend! He especially does not want a snake, hamster, guinea pig, mouse, gerbil, newts or parrots. This pup is very clear he wants a new kitty!

He gave his dog a voice and dubbed in quite an interesting conversation between the two of them. He felt that his dog would be absolutely delighted and ecstatic at the thought of getting a brand new addition to the family and would welcome a little fuzzy kitten to call his sister. An adorable baby tabby cat would perhaps be the perfect addition to their lives, and so maybe it’s time they get one!

The hilarious clip of the energetic and happy looking black and white dog talking excitedly about finally getting a new cat has already captured the hearts of well over 6 million people. It’s easy to see why, the video is just funny and enjoyable to watch!

Everything from the conversation to the dog’s actions, words, and movements are quality and spot on. If you’ve ever talked to your pet, or had pretend convos in your head with them, then all of this may look, sound, and seem very familiar to you. Check it out and share the love!

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Mommy Tells Giant Great Dane He Can’t Go Swimming. He Responds With The Most Hysterical Hissy Fit!

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Great Danes may look impressively large and imposing, but they’re really just big babies at heart! They are all around friendly, intelligent, sweet-tempered, social, and even natured animals that absolutely love to be pampered and pet. That’s the reason why they are often called the ‘Gentle Giants’ of the dog world! It’s a nickname they’ve earned and once you see how Max the Great Dane reacts to some disappointing news, you’ll understand why.

Max was all ready and set to go swimming in his beautiful backyard pool when his mom suddenly told him that he couldn’t go for a dip. Since he had been looking forward to a relaxing swim all day long, he did not take the sudden change of events lightly.

Rather than remain calm, Max immediately launched into a noisy temper tantrum and let his unhappy feelings be known to anyone in the vicinity. This big boy wants to swim and he wants everyone to know! The fact that Max is deaf never stops him from arguing with his owners.

He whined and protested the pool ban aggressively, answering and challenging his mom every step of the way. The way he talks back, you’d think he could hear every word she said! He’s like a 160 pound toddler who just needs to get his way! Max is one of my favorite dogs on the inter webs. I really would love to see him just jump in, but he is such a good boy!

The big gentle six year old boy certainly has it made and life is good for him. According to his Facebook bio page he lives in a beautiful house alongside his sister Katie, who also happens to be a Great Dane, his mom and dad, and several kitty cats. Check Max out for a good laugh, he surely knows how to brighten anyone’s day!

This pup is such an adorable big baby. He is just too funny.

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Daddy Tells His Parrot He Has To Go To The Vet. The Parrot Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Tantrum.

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Not many animals really enjoy taking trips, much less one to the veterinarian’s office. Just like people hate visiting the doctor, our pets hate visiting the vet! Who can blame them, the smells and sights they encounter there are totally foreign and strange. There are other animals in close proximity which makes them even more nervous and the vibe that all this leads to is one of fear and anxiety.

Even though most vets are absolutely incredible and gentle with our pets it really doesn’t make much difference. Not to mention, many times when we bring our pets to the vet it is because they’re sick or injured and that makes them associate the place with pain and sadness. Basically if you have a pet who doesn’t mind going to the vet consider yourself blessed!

While many pets have no clue they’re headed to the vet, some animals have developed a 6th sense for it. They seem to instinctively know that they are about to go to the animal hospital and freak out before you can even get the leash on or stick them in the carrier! Cats will run and hide somewhere impossible to drag them out of, dogs will bark or cower in fear, and some birds will throw a hissy fit!

At least that’s what the cockatoo in this clip does. His name is Max and he is one the cutest, most hilarious birds you’ll ever see! When his owner breaks out his carrier to take him to the vet, Max runs under a shelf and hides in the darkest corner he can find. He’s a very vocal bird and gives his human companion a piece of his mind, letting him know exactly how he feels about the vet. The sound of his voice is strange, it’s almost like he’s possessed and it’s hard to make out what he’s saying.

When the camera shot changes, we can see Max has come out of his dark hole and is now under a bench. His owner is still trying to get him into his carrier and he’s still putting up a fight! His tone is the only thing that really changes, it’s much more clear and according to his owner he’s saying “What did I say” and “I don’t wanna.”

The angry little fella walks around with his chest all puffed out and he flaps his wings in protest. Even though he’s upset, it’s absolutely adorable! In the end, it’s in his best interests to go to the vet so they can make sure he’s all healthy and up to date on things. Max is certainly one angry little bird, check his antics out if you want to smile or laugh!

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Daddy Calls His Little Bulldog Pup Handsome. The Pup Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Hissy Fit.

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Sweet, adorable, cute little pets are the best! There is simply something magical about them that makes us feel happy. They make life better in so many ways and nothing beats the special moments shared between an owner and their furbaby. After a long day at work, spending a few minutes with your soft loving pet just melts all your worries, stress and problems away.

Especially with a little puppy that is a cute little bundle of joy. Sometimes these little creatures can have a bit of a feisty attitude but that doesn’t make them any less adorable. The bond between a human and their fur baby is truly one of worlds greatest pleasures. That brings us to today’s featured video which is bringing smiles and happiness to people everywhere!

This short clip of man and his dog captures the love animals and people often share for each other perfectly.  The tiny white French Bulldog puppy had just received a brand new red bandanna from his dad and was clearly happy about the new gift. His dad tied it loosely around his neck and then asked him how he liked it, to which the adorable Frenchie responded with an immediate “Arf!” I’m no expert on dog talk, but it sounds like he liked it!

A few seconds later his dad tells him how handsome he looks and this time the puppy responds by nipping the back of his neck, gently biting, and showering him with kisses! As dad continues on praising his dog’s new look, the puppy seems to be getting a bit flustered by all the kind words. While the energetic little fella can’t quite take a compliment, that doesn’t stop him from showing his love and appreciation in his own unique way.

These two are so happy and content in each others company, it’s beautiful and uplifting to see. You can just feel the positive energy and love between them. Make sure you check out the baby Bull Dog’s full reaction, it will put a smile on your face and make you feel good.

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