She Was Practicing Playing Her Flute. But When The Music Starts Watch The Dog Throw a Hysterical Tantrum.

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If you’ve ever played an instrument, or grew up in a house where a sibling or someone was learning how to play one, then you know how much time and practice it takes. Many hours are required to learn all of the various notes and keys, and on top of reading music you really have to get down the mouth placement and finger movements. It certainly takes devotion and patience to master an instrument. Not just on the part of the student or learner, but also for anyone within hearing distance. Listening to someone practice can be downright excruciating, especially if you hate the instrument that they’re playing and all the sounds that it makes.

Even just a few minutes of it can feel like an eternity. The noise drones on and on as they butcher notes and struggle to get it right, it’s pure torture for some of us. However, like so many other skills, practice is what makes it perfect… but don’t tell that to the dog in this video! His big sister needs to work on hitting those keys and playing in tune he yelps lazily and adorably in the back corner of the video. The whole hilarity and chemistry between the pup and his human is undeniable.

The adorable Golden Retriever was laying down, minding his own business and trying to relax in peace one day, when his human companion decided to practice the flute. She sat down at a nearby table and began to play a few notes, which apparently did not sit well with her dog.

He immediately started to whine and moan loudly in protest and it almost seems as if he was trying to drown her out. His funny reaction had the girl cracking up and every time she tried to start over and continue on, he’d howl and start right up again. It’s hilarious and once you see it you’ll probably be laughing aloud too!

The dog’s reaction sums up perfectly how it feels to be forced to listen to someone practice an instrument. Sometimes enough is enough already and instead of suffering on in silence, the dog made his dislike for the girl’s music obvious. He did what he had to do and voiced his concerns.

As it turns out, the Golden Retriever’s funny reaction has even led to him being nicknamed ‘Grumpy Dog’ by the internet. What a fitting title and once you check out the clip you’ll see why there’s no doubt that this Grumpy Dog has no time or patience for little girls practicing instruments!

Watch the video below and enjoy let us know if you want to see more video like this one in the comments 🙂

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