They Killed This Baby’s Mother and Badly Injured Her. But Watch Her Reaction When She Is Rescued.

You are about to hear a story that will both break and warm your heart.  An 8-month-old baby spider monkey was captured by poachers, who do this illegal activity in order to sell monkeys as pets.  Neither poaching nor having a monkey as a pet is legal in Belize, where this baby who was clinging to her mom in a tree, was snatched after the poachers shot and killed her mother.  She was put in a sack, and this terrorized little one was tied up for days without food or water.

Against all odds, her capture was reported to the Belize Forest Department who were able to locate her quickly, and rush her to The Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic.  In the video you will meet this poor baby who was barely clinging to life, as she is received by the clinic staff, who lovingly named her “Izzie”.

Shock and Dehydration had brought her close to death, but the first thing that the doctors and nurses did was hug this little angel, and then began to slowly administer fluids.

As they gently examined her, you will see Izzie communicate her pain, which made them realize her arm was broken.  The X-Ray showed that not only was she suffering from broken bones, but 5 shotgun pellets were lodged in her body, as a result of the killing of her mother.

Luckily they had the funds to bring in a surgeon from the US so that she could receive the kind of intricate treatment that allowed her arm to be saved.  This fortunate little monkey required 4 surgeries to save her life.

The video of the care she was given, is just filled with such compassion and nurturance, that it made me cry with happiness. While her recovery was slow, her rehabilitation in the dedicated and loving hands of the “Wildtracks” caregivers, allowed Izzie to gradually gain confidence and strength.

Eventually she was able to use her injured arm to first swing and then climb!  Joyfully, she was once again able to be back in the trees, that she was so devastatingly ripped from.  Watching the footage of her rescue below is incredibly moving; knowing that she has gone on to live a full life is nothing short of amazing and wonderful.

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