What Kind Of Wings Do You Have?

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What kind of wings do you have? Are they made of slender, cylindrical dinosaur feathers? Did you even know that dinosaurs had feathers? I bet you didn’t, because it is one of the best kept secrets in all the land. Even before there existed an extensive knowledge of primeval reptiles, there was a host of esoteric lore that was passed down orally from generation to generation of neanderthal.

It is known that the species was adept in the arts, with cave paintings matching those of their contemporaries homo sapiens. What is less commonly know is that they had wings, and therefore feathers. You do not believe me?

Look deeply within the center of the majestic solar disc and see the feathered neanderthal that holds it in the sky. Look even deeper through the shifting haze of the cosmic dust to the center of the magnificent milky way galaxy, and you shall find…a feathered neanderthal.

By now, I imagine, you are beginning to believe me. Not because you have seen the evidence yourself, but because you don’t want to look at the center of the sun, because it could be dangerous, and you can’t see the center of the milky way.

Where does that leave you? With a burning question: if neanderthals have wings, then what kind of mythological wings do I have? This is where it gets complicated. In order to determine the answer and, in the process, unravel this absurd mystery that can only be solved through careful study and rigorous, time-proven computer modeling, you must complete this scientifically crafted quiz.

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