Kiss Cam Zooms In On This Couple, But He Pulls Out a Note Which Makes The Crowd Burst Out Laughing

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Kiss cams are a crowd favorite at sporting and arena events all across America. The camera searches out the crowd for a loved up looking pair and when it lands on a couple they are encouraged to share a sweet little kiss. Video of them is then beamed out for everyone to see at the game up on the stadium’s jumbo-tron screen.

It’s almost always the case that people only become aware that they’re on camera when they look up and see their faces looking back at them on the huge central screen. This has inevitably led to some hilarious, endearing, surprising, and awkward moments.

One of the most awkward, yet totally awesome, moments to date was captured at a University of Minnesota hockey game. The Golden Gophers were playing Michigan at home on Valentine’s Day no less, making the atmosphere a bit more romantic than usual. The kiss cam was in full-effect with couples smooching away when it landed on them. All was going smoothly until one couple popped up on the screen.

The handsome man and pretty young woman sitting next to him would not kiss! The camera stayed on them, as if urging them to just get on with it, but instead they acted like they barely knew each other. The whole thing seemed kind of strange at first, yet the man seemed to have something up his sleeve. That’s when he held up a sign with an arrow pointed at the blonde woman which read, “My Sister.” The entire arena erupted in cheers and laughter, no wonder they didn’t kiss!

The man’s name is Adam Martin and he was watching his alma mater play with his sister, Maria. According to him, the thought had crossed his mind that they could possibly end up on the kiss cam and if they did he was going to be prepared. That’s why he printed out the simple sign before heading to the game and lo and behold, his foresight paid off! Well played sir, well played.

Perhaps the moral of this story is always be prepared for anything your gut may be trying to tell you, but that’s kind of a stretch. Whatever the case may be, it turned out to be a great story and video. Heck, it’s a rare classic!

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